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The Journal of Political Psychology is a biannual international peer-reviewed journal published in electronic format.

The journal includes various forms of content such as copyright, translated works (with authorization from the author and publisher), simplified versions, critical editions, and book symposium reviews. Research findings are disseminated through publications.

The Journal of Political Psychology seeks to address psychological, social, political, and economic matters within the field of political psychology, both at the national and international levels. It focuses on theoretical, empirical, and applied aspects, as well as current events, in various disciplines or interdisciplinary subjects such as political psychology, philosophy, sociology, political science, law, theology, and economics. Seeks to disseminate innovative and authentic pieces. This framework encompasses all studies within the realm of social and human sciences. However, it prioritizes the issues that arise from the relationship between individuals and society, which form the subject matter of political psychology, within the political and social context. The prominent themes in this context include political behavior, political preference, voting processes, leadership, mass psychology, violence, terrorism, immigration, and international use of force.